38 Weeks

img_2736It’s hard to believe I’m writing a 38 weeks post!

How am I feeling? Great! From what everyone told me about the last few weeks of pregnancy, I expected to feel terrible. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough to tie my shoes and sleeping is sometimes impossible. However, I feel great during the day. I was even able to walk a few miles outside in the sunshine today.

Purchases: I ordered a personalized blanket for baby W about a month back from an Etsy shop. It arrived in the mail last week, and it’s hidden away in my hospital bag. John and I were both pretty giddy seeing our son’s name spelled out.

Preparations: My hospital bag is pretty much packed, aside from a few things I still like to wear and want to bring along. Also, a carseat is installed and a rocking sleeper is set up in the basement.

Maternity/Paternity Leave: This is my last week of school until August. It’s really hard to believe. I met with my sub on Friday and she actually said she might be bored because I had prepared everything for her already. That made me feel a lot better about walking away, and I know the students will love her. John has lots of PTO built up, and he’ll take time when the baby arrives and hopefully a few days here and there while I’m off all summer.

Since I tend to post a pregnancy update every two weeks, it’s hard to know if there will be another before baby arrives. March is flying!


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