img_2722My pregnancy has gone quickly, and I’ve done a pretty good job enjoying it. While people continually ask if I’m “ready to be done,” I just don’t see it that way. I’m uncomfortable and my winter coat no longer fits, but it’s not about “being done”. It’s just the beginning. I don’t view pregnancy as a stage but as a transition. There is a reason God made pregnancy last nine+ months. The changesΒ are not just physical.

When I didn’t know if God would call John and me to be parents, I continually prayed for the openness to do God’s will. If that was to teach the rest of my life and commit myself to my students, I was on board. If that call was to a be mother, I was open to the challenge. If that meant a career change altogether, I was listening. I spent the last few years doing a lot of listening. I am at ease with God’s current callings for me, and I feel honored to be picked to be this little boy’s mom.

So while I can’t wait to wear normal clothes, eat a turkey sandwich, sleep on my stomach, and run the sidewalks again, I’m doing my best to remember it isn’t about me.


10 thoughts on “March

  1. Kellie, The minute you found out a baby was a part of God’s plan, you became a mother. It’s a tough and complete awesome responsibility. A newborn needs food, a clean diaper, and lots of love. You’re golden for one year. After that, I have no advice. Joking! πŸ™‚

  2. Love love loved this post! Made me tear up thinking about mine and Josh’s journey to parenthood. This little boy will soon find out how lucky he is to have you and John ad his mommy and daddy! God bless both of you though these next couple weeks! It’s a wild ride and amazing all at the same time!

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