Our New Place

If you’ve been reading my blog very long, you know Bill’s was a place John and I frequented for popcorn and Guinness. Bill’s served as a mid-week break during many busy semesters of grad school, and it was a perfect meeting place with family or friends on Friday evenings when we wanted to do something but didn’t feel like going far from home. Unfortunately, Bill’s closed a few months ago. I blame an establishment around the corner that also serves a full menu of food, plus popcorn and Guinness. While this new establishment is great for our small town, John and I have found ourselves trading the popcorn for chips and salsa.

IMG_0466You’ll find us at La Cantina at least once a week. This Mexican restaurant opened just last year and is even closer to our home than Bill’s. Plus, they have a great patio. We’ve already talked about how easy it will be to push a stroller to this location and enjoy dinner dates outside with Baby W. this summer. My order is almost always the same, a veggie quesadilla with guacamole. It never disappoints and even provides leftovers. The only thing better will be adding a margarita again.

P.S. It’s National Margarita Day! Have one for me, please!


4 thoughts on “Our New Place

  1. We hope you & baby W are doing well. We have a great small Mexican restaurant near our house you would enjoy. Love🍀🍀🍀 Kay & Lee

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  2. Love this place! Their mahi mahi and ceviche is my Lenten guilty pleasure for meatless Fridays. So exciting to think Baby W will be joining you on dinner dates soon!

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