36 Weeks

img_2696-1How am I feeling? Better. I had two long weeks of sciatica. There are times when I turn just right or move too quickly and the nerve still pinches, sending a terrible pain down my right leg. I experienced some relief after I saw my doctor last week and she recommend I see a physical therapist. I knew just the P.T. to call. 🙂 Unfortunately, the pain has kept me from any form of exercise. If you follow me on Goodreads, this is why I’ve read 10 books already this year.

School: I have a goal of sending at least 100 yearbook pages before baby arrives. We are currently at 72 pages, so I’m very busy at work making the most of every minute with my students. (The remaining 100 pages of the book will be sent from home during my leave.) My last day of work, unless he arrives early, will be March 11. This is when students go on spring break. When they return, my long-term sub will be in charge.

Missing: “Normal” clothes and running. My maternity clothes are comfortable, and I actually have a good variety (thanks to two generous friends who loaned me their maternity closets). But, it’s just not the same. I blame the nicer weather on my desire to break out some of my favorite clothes, and I hold the weather responsible for making me search summer road races. I have yet to miss alcohol, but I could go for some sushi or a cold turkey sandwich. Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom, anyone? Soon. Very soon!

Preparation: Baby’s clothes have been washed and his bag is packed for the hospital. As for my bag, I’ve thought about it. I’ll get more serious now that I’ve hit 36 weeks. We also need to install the carseat sometime soon.

The next month includes lots of school work and date nights.


2 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. oh man i remember missing the cold cuts BAD!!!!
    when the babe comes (plus a couple weeks), you’ll definitely love being reunited with your clothes! it’s been so long you’ll feel like you’ve acquired a whole new wardrobe! 😉 he looks good in your belly, can’t wait to see how he looks in your arms! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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