Challenge Yourself During Lent

Ash Wednesday GraphicKnowing Lent is 40 days and knowing our son will arrive before Easter makes this season of fasting and waiting that much more real.

Since I know life will be extra busy when he arrives, I’m using this time to focus on my relationship with God. It is my Lenten promise to spend one prep period per week in our school’s chapel rather than grading or planning. I will use this time to read and reflect upon the book of Ecclesiastics.

Along with two of my friends, we will read the book of Ecclesiastics as a Bible study. We will read separately but reflect through a Google Doc (since we all live in different towns). The goal is to challenge each other in our faith, and hopefully we can set aside time in person to discuss once we finish the book.

As I sit with my students who discuss what they are giving up for lent or what they are doing, I am challenged. One of my students has been writing down menu ideas because she is going to give up meat for Lent. A boy in my class is going to read a christian book that his priest recommended. Another girl has recognized that she spreads negativity and is going to give up negative talk for Lent. I love that giving up chocolate and pop are no longer enough, and people have recognized the power of changing their habits.

Whether you are giving something up or adding something to your day, I hope God gives you the grace to challenge yourself this Lenten season.


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