Catholic School’s Week 2016

Catholic Schools Week

How do I explain Catholic School’s Week to people who have never had the opportunity to experience Catholic schools? I would relate it to Homecoming Week. There are dress up days, school-wide events, and just extra energy and effort in people’s attitudes. It’s a positive week full of school spirit.

The difference between Homecoming Week and Catholic School’s Week is that every school gets a Homecoming Week. Only Catholic schools get to celebrate what it means to have the foundation of their school center around a common goal- becoming the person God created you to be.

My job allows me the opportunity to attend Mass with students every Friday morning, pray for and with them before every single class, and give them guidance on life decisions by suggesting they listen to God’s call rather than their own.

Living my life for Christ with my students challenges me to take my own advice and pray, listen, reflect, and serve. It reminds me that surviving and thriving are two very different ways to live life. Teaching at a Catholic school allows me to serve in the way I have been called, but it also encourages me to be a better teacher, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and christian every day through God’s grace. Whether you are Catholic or not, these are goals everyone can appreciate and celebrate. Happy Catholic School’s Week!


4 thoughts on “Catholic School’s Week 2016

  1. Hi Kellie, Well done. Thanks for the reminder to all of us what this week is about and the advantages of a Catholic education. Love, Dad

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