Since I Can’t Get A Snowday…

IMG_0720I’m longing for sunshine and sandals with a side of iced coffee.

I typically spend December and January finalizing spring break and/or summer vacation destinations. Since my plan includes a spring break trip to the hospital this year, vacations are on hold.

You won’t find me complaining about my spring break plans because I can’t wait to snuggle my little boy. Even if there is a blizzard outside, it won’t bother me. I’ll be right where I’m supposed to be come March.

That being said, a child is not going to keep me from stealing my husband away for vacations. John doesn’t usually have a preference where we travel. All he asks is that once he’s there, I don’t plan every minute. He wants a day or two for nothing but relaxation. That’s a request I can handle.

Even though we visited Boston just two months ago, I’m ready to experience another getaway. Since Baby W will be five months old before I have to head back to work, I’m hoping to slip in a short trip before school starts up in the fall. Grandparents, are you up for a visitor?


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