Birth Care Classes

Wifey Wednesdays have taken a new path the last few weeks. John and I are taking a series of classes through the hospital in anticipation of our new arrival.

The topics covered range from pregnancy care all the way through post delivery health of the mother and baby.

Although nothing covered in these classes is necessarily new information, it’s reassuring to know the healthcare options around me are all incredible. Great doctors and nurses with support staff who genuinely care are not things I take for granted. While some women probably have “birth plans” in mind, mine includes showing up and doing whatever the doctors tell me in order to have a safe delivery and healthy baby. I am comfortable with my lack of knowledge because I know I am in the best hands.

I’m also thankful for a husband who doesn’t have to be “forced” to attend these classes with me. I’m accepting of the fact that he knows more of the medical field than me. While most men are covering their eyes or tuning the presenter out when the information gets graphic, John doesn’t flinch. I even find myself asking him questions on the way home.

While no one knows what the future holds, I’m thankful for a sense of calmness with the unknown.

32 weeks down!

Happy weekend, friends!


2 thoughts on “Birth Care Classes

  1. the nurses we very happy that we didn’t have a birth plan. i think it makes them more calm and able to do their job without worrying they’ll stress out the mom because the birth plan can’t be followed.

    you’re in good hands, for sure!

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