30 Weeks

img_2460How am I feeling? Although every week is a milestone for baby’s development, hitting 30 weeks makes me feel more confident in our baby’s health. Hopefully he stays put much longer, but being in the 30s is one sigh of relief. Keep growing, baby!

Updates: I failed my first glucose test. (Who schedules that the day after Christmas weekend?) As much as people warned me about the sugary drink I had to consume, I thought it tasted like KoolAid. Yum! The second round of testing was a bit rough. I felt nauseous most of the two + hours, but thankfully I made it though. I passed these three tests with flying colors. The nurse predicted it was the holiday sweets that caused me to fail the first round.

Baby Names: I’m feeling more confident and excited about John’s name choice. He refers to our son by this name at home, and it makes me smile and laugh. I ordered baby’s initials for the nursery’s wall from an Etsy shop. They arrived today and are hidden away until baby arrives. I’m really excited about how they turned out, and I’ll keep praying about the name choice.

Preparation: We took a birth and delivery class this week and will take a few more within a series over the next month. I can’t say I learned new information, but it was a positive evening devoted to thinking about the journey ahead. We also have our last daycare tour scheduled for next week.

Maternity Leave Plans: I found a maternity sub who is excited to take over my classroom duties from mid March until the end of the school year. Knowing my students will be in good hands makes me feel so much more comfortable with the idea of giving up the control. She will spend a few days with me in the next month to get to know a few classroom specifics as well as get to know the students. I am praying for a few snow days before March so I can plan each day for her and leave her detailed and organized lessons. I will still be responsible for finishing the yearbook before July.

Question for my readers: If you have children, how did you know your name choice was perfect?


13 thoughts on “30 Weeks

  1. We didn’t!! Alice we knew we were having a girl and she is named after her great grandma Alice on Josh’s side. Jacob we had a girl and boy name picked out and found out it was a boy when he was born. And I kept calling him Peter and Jacob his first two days of life – haha!! Even though we were scared to name them and make such a big and permanent decision for them we can’t imagine them with any other names! I’m sure it’s the perfect name for your little Irish blessing! Excited for you guys!

  2. When I was 7 months pregnant with our first child, I said the several boy and girl names we had chosen out loud after I parked my car in the parking ramp at my place of work in CR. When I said the name “Sophie” my tummy got completely warm and I then absolutely knew our baby was a girl and what her name was meant to be! We laugh to this day about how concerned Mark was when I called him with this news… I think he thought I was a crazy pregnant lady until she came out 2 months later!

  3. My daughter’s name was a perfect fit because I have never taught/know anyone by this name. I said her name outloud so many times and wrote it down and obsessed about it. Her name is still by best decision ever. It’s lightning in a bottle. Elliott’s name came with a few rules from the Marshall side of the family, and again did everything I had done to Norah’s name. I’m so into names. I am still holding on to a few that I love.

  4. Kind of like Tracie, Luka’s name came with a few rules from the Flores side of the family, so his middle name was determined before birth. That said, our biggest challenge was making sure the first names matched our very ethnic last name. While we knew we could easily have a “Joe Flores,” we both knew we wanted something that sounded ethnic. I mentioned Luka to Chris early on, and it stuck.

    With Carolina, we had two names in play– Carolina and Aurelia. One of our worries was whether or not my mom could pronounce the second name because of hearing impairment/speech issues. We didn’t decide on her name for a very long time. About two weeks before we had her, Chris, while spooning me, rubbed my belly and referred to her as Carolina. I asked him if that was it, and he said yes. Problem solved.

    Number three proved a challenge because the names we liked didn’t really “fit” with our last name or the other two children’s names. I knew in my heart that Harper was the right choice, but I polled tons of people on the matter of “matching names” and came to the conclusion that it really didn’t matter at all. Like the other two, Harper’s name came together easily and fits her well.

    If there’s one unifying factor between them all, I’d say it was the ease of the choice. It felt just felt right.

    (PS– Not that I think it will happen, but I, too, have a boy’s name waiting in the wings… just in case.)

    • Thanks, Michelle! “Just feels right” is good advice. I have received two obvious signs from God that this is the right name, but commitment is scary. It’s time to trust in God’s messages and let it be. 🙂

  5. Hi Kellie, You were going to be Katie or Kellie. Either would have been great. We made the right choice. You’re a KELLIE!! We’re excited about Baby W! Love Dad

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  6. Unlike others, we didn’t use our kids’ names very often. Of course we didn’t know if either of them were a boy or a girl.

    Though we knew a lot of Zachs (I was teaching two at the time!), I think it helped that we didn’t put too much thought to it once we had chosen. It became our sons name. If we had shared the name- the students or our family would have pointed out all the people in the world named Zach. (I had even forgotten that the family across the street had a son named Zach until we drove up the hill from the hospital! Whoops! FYI, they’re great people and she stays home (she did, at least) If you need anything, I know they’d be there for ya! They are always outside, too! Her name is Heather)

    Morgan fits with Zach. They’re both 90s kids names 🙂 I obviously taught a few Morgans! Tony picked her name and I was on board because I always liked my Morgans 🙂

    You’re stunning and I love hearing all about this little boy!! Excited to see the name!!

  7. I come from a large family and not repeating names was really important which made things hard. We wanted family names from the 1920’s era. We also wanted them to have a special meaning. First names; Grace, meaning Gods devotion. Emma (from Emmanuel) meaning God with us. Norah, meaning Gods shining light. Middle names Marie, DeLoras, and Mary are all from our grandmothers. Children grow into their names. After a week of knowing your little guy, you won’t be able to imagine him being called anything else! So excited to meet this new little guy…he’s already so blessed!

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