Wake Up Happy

img_2325-2Michael Strahan isn’t someone I knew of before he started guest co-hosting with Kelly Ripa in the hopes of filling Regis Philbin’s position on the show LIVE with Regis and Kelly. After twenty times guest co-hosting, Michael was offered the job. Recently, he joined GMA, in addition to co-hosting LIVE. So, if you watch any morning television, you’ve probably seen Michael Strahan.

What I didn’t know (until John told me) was that Michael had a 15-year career with the New York Giants before his television career began. I hadn’t questioned where he came from; I just liked tuning in for his upbeat personality every summer morning.

While I have been watching Michael over break, his book was even better. Wake Up Happy provides Michael’s “Strahan Rules” for living a fulfilling life. Each chapter is a “rule” to live by and provides personal examples on how he lives these rules out in his own life. The book also progresses in chronological order, so much of the book includes his professional football career and his biggest role models in the filed. That part would have been even more inspiring had I known who he was talking about. Much of the book also discusses his failed marriages and his four children. Most of this was all news to me, so I enjoyed an inside look at his life.

While I would recommend Robin Robert’s book Everybody’s Got Something more, this one is inspiring, too. I liked the inside look of Robin’s professional life in the newsroom (what her typical day looked like from start to finish), and Michael’s didn’t include that aspect.

These two are my favorite morning news anchors, in addition to George Stephanopoulos.


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