Maternity Stitch Fix

Last month I received an email from Stitch Fix that my “styling fee” would be waved if I scheduled within the next month. (Probably because I haven’t ordered a “fix” from them for over a year.) The styling fee is $20 and is applied to anything you purchase within the “fix”. Here is a little more about the company from a previous post. Since I knew the company had branched out to include maternity clothes, I figured I’d give it a try. The only thing I’d be out was a trip to the Post Office to mail back anything that didn’t work.

img_2368My stylist provided me with:

  • Red skinny pants
  • A black lace blouse
  • A blue super soft cotton shirt with a lace cut-out on the sleeves
  • A black and tan dress
  • A cream and gray cardigan

Most items were listed between $40-$60, but the red pants were closer to $80. I don’t need a pair of $80 maternity pants, so those went back. The black blouse was way too big. It went back. The blue cotton shirt was definitely something I’d wear, which is why I have something similar already. It went back. The dress fit perfectly and it was really cute. I actually have multiple maternity dresses already (many in thanks to my friend Lisa!). It went back. The cardigan stayed. It’s super soft, and I can wear it long after the baby is born- no bump required.

I know people who have great luck with this service and others who have no luck. I’ve heard linking your Pinterest boards helps them understand your style and pick things you’re more likely to purchase. If you’re still looking to try this service, here is a referral link.


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