Thank You, Birthday Boy!

IMG_2333It’s birthday weekend for my favorite person.

Instead of a birthday card, I got John a “Thank You” card. It has been an incredible year with an endless list of blessings. Whether it was encouraging me to take a spring break without him because he couldn’t get off work, to making it up to me with seven nights in Hawaii for my own birthday, I’m thankful for his IMG_2332selflessness. And, I will never forget that he came out of retirement to run a 5k with me in Boston just weeks ago. It was one of my favorite races yet because he was by my side. While these are all on a very large scale, I don’t overlook the fact that I have yet to mow our lawn or run the snow blower. He takes care of it. He is more than willing to get groceries, do laundry, and clean the house if it mean less stress for me. Recently, he spent a weekend painting the nursery, and a few weeknights assembling some baby furniture and shelving units. He is my biggest blessing.

We celebrated at Butcher Block with way too much to eat, including caramel apple pie for dessert.

As I prepare for another favorite boy to enter my life in March, I am thankful John has chosen to spend 14 birthdays with me by his side. It’s going to be another great year.


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