25 Weeks

IMG_2312How am I feeling? No complaints. I’m feeling baby W move more and more, and I fall deeper in love with each kick.

Baby Names: John had a boy name picked out long before we knew I was pregnant. (This was just one more reason he assumed it’d be a girl.) I really like the name, but the commitment scares me. He refers to our child by this name at home, and it helps me to hear it aloud. Teachers have it rough when it comes to naming their own children. Every name brings a face and a story.

Preparation: We will tour the hospital where Baby W will be born next week. Since John’s job is IMG_2117affiliated with one of the hospitals in town, that decision was easy. The tour is more of a formality and an opportunity for us to officially register. We will also take a few labor and delivery classes after the new year.

Nursery Plans: Baby W’s room now has a crib, dresser, glider. I love going into that room and taking it all in. John gave the nursery a new coat of paint, and I’ve bookmarked prints from Etsy to order for the walls. Blue, green, gray, and white will be the focus colors. One of the prints will have Baby W’s initials, so I’m waiting a little bit longer before I hit the “order” button.

Baby Purchases: My Christmas gift to Baby W is a jogging stroller and carseat combo. Okay, so maybe this was a “Merry Christmas to myself” gift. Since Baby W will be born in March, the spring and summer will offer many opportunities to use this purchase in the nice weather. Let’s hope he likes running as much as his mom.


8 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. How exciting! We are anxious for Baby w🍀 Glad to hear you are doing wel.🍀🍀🍀 Much Love🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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  2. the anticipation!! names are hard! though i taught zachs and morgans, i think that by keeping the name to ourselves, it became our child’s name 🙂

    love your belly!!

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