A Few Fall Reads

Traveling to Boston allowed me to read two books from start to finish, one on the flight out and one on the flight back.

Dark, Dark WoodsI ended up buying In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware because I couldn’t get my hands on it from the library. Entertainment Weekly released that Ruth Witherspoon is developing this thriller into a movie, so I knew I needed to read it. I’m into suspenseful books right now, and I enjoyed the dark side of this read. It was more predictable than I had hoped, but I still enjoyed the plot.

Mosquitoland, by David Arnold, is a YA book that had me snickering out loud. This isn’t a book I probably would have picked up normally. Thankfully, my friend Tracie highly recommended it, so I kept going. I ended up loving the main character. Her descriptions and comparisons are original and hilarious. I would read Mosquitolandmore books by this author. Arnold’s second book is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2016.

I have three books left to read in order to make my goal of reading 50 in 2015. I’m currently reading Monster, as a possible class novel, and I’m loving Rediscover Jesus as my Advent read. I’ve been reading this book while I eat breakfast, and I recommend everyone start their day with author Matthew Kelly. For a final read, I ordered Wake Up Happy by Michael Strahan. The library didn’t have this book either, so I had to purchase it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it over Christmas break.


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