JFK Presidential Library and Museum


IMG_2227We lucked out with great weather Friday and Saturday, so a rainy Sunday didn’t get me down. We used this day to head out of the city and visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The gorgeous building sits right on the water with views of the city skyline across the bay.

Until we were at the museum, we didn’t realize we were visiting on the anniversary of JFK’s death. Maybe that’s why it was so gloomy outside.

The exhibits and self-guided tour were organized in chronological order. Interactive video boards and real television footage helped tell the many stories along the way. Gowns and pieces of jewelry from the first lady were also displayed. The last hallway has no lighting and is painted navy blue with a handful of small television screens replaying the terrible news broadcast the world heard on November 22, 1963.


2 thoughts on “JFK Presidential Library and Museum

  1. such a pivotal day in journalism! we were living here for the 50th and one news station played that day’s broadcast. as close to real time as one can get, i suppose :/

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