Back to Boston

When we found out the 2015 Shamrock Series game would be in Boston, we joked about attending. Since we knew tickets were limited, we didn’t have our hearts set on it. However, being the planner I am, I asked my boss last school year if I could take a few days off around this game if we somehow obtained tickets. Good thing I did because John received a call from my dad over the summer that he had been granted tickets through the alumni ticket lottery. We were going to Boston!

IMG_2168We were lucky enough to fly out Friday morning before the snow arrived in Iowa. We arrived in Boston in time for dinner. At 47 degrees, we walked around downtown taking in the holiday lights and enjoying the “warm” weather.

Wicked Good Cupcakes from Quincy Market were dessert.

We stayed in a different part of Boston this trip, and I liked it better. Last year, we were really close to Fenway. This time, we stayed just blocks away from the Boston Commons Park. While the game was our main purpose for the trip, staying near the park made the starting line for the Shamrock Series 5k just minutes away on Saturday morning.

More on the 5k in the next post.


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