Oprah’s Favorite Things

ef35c1d139dc7a6feb4b8b74ed76786fThis meme is everywhere. If you’re not familiar with where this originally came from, it’s from Oprah’s Christmas special: Oprah’s Favorite Things. On this show, every viewer received each product Oprah featured. “You get a car! You get a car! Everyone gets a car!”

This annual show, or series of shows, could make a company a huge hit overnight. Who doesn’t want something that Oprah declares one of her favorites of the year?

Although Oprah is no longer on the air, she still publishes a Favorite Things list each holiday season. Usually, it’s just in her magazine. This year, it’s linked to Amazon. This allows buyers to view and purchase all within a few clicks.

2015 Oprah’s Favorite Things List

This is a good way to learn about the this year’s hot Christmas items. If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be all over the Gap athletic wear. My other favorites from the list include the Nespresso machine, the Corkcircle canteens, and the Apple Watch. A few of her items with crazy price tags include the $106 lasagna pan, the $195 sweatpants, and the $85 Bruffins.

What would you be most excited to receive from Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year?


One thought on “Oprah’s Favorite Things

  1. You may or may not be opening one of these gifts at your baby shower! 😉 I’ll take all the comfy clothes, the nail polish set, and the Amazon Echo. Not on O’s list, but on mine…noise canceling headphones.

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