Blessed with a BOY!

IMG_2050Now that we know the gender of baby W, I can’t imagine it any other way.

The idea of a mini-John in my life is enough to bring tears of happiness.

Seeing baby W on the screen for the first time was indescribable. I feel so lucky to be pregnant in a day-and-age when there is such a thing as 4D! Adding color, zooming in, and the incredible detail of baby W’s face made this pregnancy come to life.

On Monday, I ordered a cookie cake with the instructions of adding the gender once we called back the following day. John and I found out the big surprise while we were at the appointment. Afterwards, I called the cookie company and finished the order. Blue frosting! This is how we told my parents. I’m attaching the video since it’s too cute not to share.

A Guinness toast (I had water) before dinner at the Irish Democrat, was the perfect way to start celebrating this Irish baby boy. Thanks to my parents and younger brother for joining us for a night we’ll never forget.


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