Worst Halloween Ever

My Halloween didn’t include any treats, only tricks. My voice disappeared, and it’s still missing. I didn’t leave the house once, and I hardly moved from the couch. Cold and flu season is upon us, and it’s miserable.

I had a weekend full of fun events planned. One of them included attending the Open House at the hospital where John works. The additions and renovations are done, and his department’s new space is open and ready for use. He even relocated to a brand new office, which he helped pick out and design. Unfortunately, I’ll have to set up a private tour because I was too ill to attend.

John at JonesThankfully, my parents and brother were there to support John and see the remodeling. My dad taped John speaking to the tour groups and sent the recording my way for a small glimpse into the big day. John’s parents and sister also attended the event. Here is a photo of John explaining the parallel bars to his nephew.

I’m so proud of John for his extra energy and patience through the hospital’s huge expansion. As soon as my voice returns, I’ll tell him. 😉


One thought on “Worst Halloween Ever

  1. so cool!! I’d love to see Tony in action… maybe I should send in a spy with a video camera 🙂 Congratulations on seeing it through, John!

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