Date Nights

IMG_1992John and I have a date night once a week during the week. Weekends usually include another date, but the time set aside during the week is extra special. Usually, these happen on Wednesdays.

How do we decide where to go/what to do for date night?

One of us gives the other person three choices. The other person gets to pick one of the three options.

This is how our dating life has always gone, even since high school.

Sometimes it’s three restaurants, sometimes three totally different activities, sometimes three different movies…etc.

While I’m realistic enough to know a date night every week won’t happen once our baby arrives, we refuse to totally give up this tradition. It’s really important to us. John already asked if we can book the same babysitter for every Wednesday evening while we keep our tradition alive.

For now we’ll soak up our date nights while we chat about daycare options, nursery ideas, and baby names. After thirteen years of dating, we have many new topics for dinner conversations. We’re loving it!


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