ITEC Goals

Last year I attended ITEC and joined a Professional Development Voxer group as a result of one of the sessions. This group has done more for me professionally than any other PD. Most of the members are not classroom teachers but rather curriculum directors, technology specialists, and even principals. Their insight has challenged me to be better in the classroom.

The messages last week talked about our goals for ITEC this year. What do we want to get out of the two-three days? I found value in this reflection because it’s A LOT of work to be gone from my job. I spent time in my classroom this afternoon prepping sub plans and organizing lessons for just two days away. Although I’m not there, the show must go on. Therefore, I know I need a purpose for stepping away for two days. I want to make the most of ITEC and bring back at least one thing that improves the quality of learning for my students.

So this year’s ITEC goals include:

  • Attending sessions to begin the process of creating my own app. I would love to create an app for our school newspaper.
  • Developing a more concrete blogging plan for my journalism students. Last year was a trial, but this year I want to stretch them.
  • Making connections with other educators who will continue to push me through their blog posts and twitter updates. I gained so many things from Aaron Maurer last year, and I put one of his session on my schedule again this year.

Even though my time in Des Moines is limited and I can’t see everyone, I will be able to catch up with two friends while I’m there. ITEC can’t be all work and no play. Bring on #itec15.


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