15 Weeks

I’m having a difficult time believing I’m already 15 weeks along in my pregnancy journey. My fall always goes fast, but it seems to be flying by extra quickly this year. I can’t even fathom that our calendars will read October next week.

686a5bb4a1064c3c117a5822d8b0f8f6Even though the temperatures are still hitting 80 degrees, the nights are cool. It’s my absolute favorite season to hit the trails. While I wasn’t sure about running while pregnant, my doctor gave me the green light as long as I slowed my pace. Slowing down has taken some getting used to, but it’s the perfect time of year to take in the scenery. However, I still think I need this tank top…

I even considered signing up for the November Turkey Trot, but then I remember that it was 12 degrees for last year’s race. I still recall the feeling finally coming back into my toes at mile two. With that, I think I have a good reason to take this year off.


2 thoughts on “15 Weeks

  1. What’s the best way to get lots of maternity clothes to you so you can shop for free? Work? Drop-off at house? I’m sure my pants will be too short, but there may be some shirts you want for work or house. Just let me know! My favorite jeans and work pants came from Gap.

    • You’re so sweet! I would love your styling assistance. I have purchased pants and jeans from Gap and Old Navy. I have also purchased shirts from Gap and Target. I know I’ll need to break everything out soon!

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