Pope FrancisOn Tuesday afternoon, I was interrupted by an announcement over the intercom that Pope Francis had landed in D.C. I stopped and really enjoyed that moment. How many people work in an environment where this event was important enough for it to be announced building-wide?

I read an article about why people care so much about the Pope’s visit, even if they aren’t Catholic. The reasons included the fact that he’s popular. People like Pope Francis. He looks and acts friendly and approachable. His leadership in the church has encouraged people to return after many years away. The article also talked about how people like that he isn’t afraid of controversial topics. People have been eager to hear him speak to Congress because they want to see what he brings to the conversation.

It’s refreshing to see people of all ages excited about his visit. A bus full of students from my school will depart tonight to make the journey to Philadelphia for the weekend festivities. The students attending are pumped. When was the last time you heard students get excited about traveling through the night on a Charter bus in order to attend Mass multiple times? It’s awesome!

Not to mention, who doesn’t love Pope emojis.


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