IMG_1802Three years ago I read The Happiness Project and wrote a blog recommending everyone do the same. Maybe you listened, maybe not. Here is another chance. The author, Gretchen Rubin, has a podcast focused around the same messages. “Happier” is a free podcast, and each episode ranges from 18-40 minutes.

Within these podcasts she talks about some of the same simple ideas from her book. For example: Set an alarm at night so that you go to bed at an appropriate time. Another simple, effective idea includes starting your day with the tasks that will only take one minute and get them out of the way.

These are not breakthrough ideas, but she has a simple way of challenging her readers and listers that make her suggestions manageable. Over the course of your day, month, or year, these small things will make you “Happier”.


3 thoughts on ““Happier”

  1. I’ve been listening since the beginning, but I will admit…I’m beginning to lose interest. I realized she is just reiterating all the things she says in her books! What do you think of it?

      • I listen to a lot of book-related podcasts…surprise, surprise! All the Books is one of my favorites. 🙂

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