Eight Straight

“Every morning we wake up with 1,440 minutes in our bank account. God gives us the lottery of time.”

This Gospel reflection was the perfect message to listen to the night before I started my eight year of teaching. As much as I love everything about summer, I was not dreading the beginning of the school year. I happen to love the energy this time of year. However, I did need a reminder of my purpose and my priorities. As I listened to Father Mike’s podcast Sunday night, it set the tone for my school year.

My time is not my own. God gives me 1,440 minutes per day. There are no rules on this gift, but he does ask that I use it wisely and invest on things that last.

My career is a calling. I truly believe that because I listen to God’s vocation and follow his plan, I am fulfilled to my very core. I definitely put in more than 40 hours a week, but God gives me the time. In fact, God gives me 168 hours per week. Who am I to say no?

Are you investing your time in something that will last?


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