Back On My Bike

After a procedure at the dermatologist, I was stitched up and told not to run for at least two weeks. Of course this came at the end of the summer, and I was beyond bummed to be told to “take it easy”.

IMG_1758I spent my last two weeks exercising on my Schwinn. It’s a basic bike I bought years ago, and most of the gears are now broken. I also couldn’t ride two days in a row because the seat is awful. Again, how do people ride RAGBRAI?

Even though these were not the workouts I wanted, I tried to ride leisurely and enjoy the routes. Sometimes I rode to the library to pick out a new book. Other days I rode the trails late in the evening when it was almost too cool to be out in shorts and a tank top.

It wasn’t how I wanted to spend my last weeks of summer, but it did encourage me to take things easy and enjoy the scenery.

Dr. John took the stitches out, and I enjoyed my first long trail run in awhile this morning. It was great to lace up my Brooks and work up a sweat. Unfortunately, I’ll be back for another procedure too soon, and the healing time period will begin again. They assure me they just have to take a little more. At least I’ll have some bike routes ready.


6 thoughts on “Back On My Bike

  1. Kellie – wishing you the best in your follow up procedure. We think of you often & for good results. Love – Kay & Lee

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