The Gift of Time

In my mind, August is not the end of the summer but rather the beginning of fall. I will report to school at the end of next week to help with new teacher training, and fall will be in full swing.

Gateway MarketThankfully I’ve had a great summer. One of the things I love about having the summer away from my classroom is the opportunity to take off and spend uninterrupted time with friends I don’t get to see during the school year. Last week I spent a day in Des Moines with my friend Paige. She took the day off work, and the two of us sat at Gateway Market for hours and hours. We were lucky enough to score a table outside in the shade. The fish tacos were good. The lemon poppy-seed muffin was even better. The conversation was beyond great.

While some back-to school-shopping was included in this trip, it really wasn’t about accomplishing anything that day. It was just about spending time together. Summer gives me the gift of time.


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