Running with Brooks

IMG_1583Remember how I purchased the same style of running shoe over and over and over… miles + miles.

The last time I went to buy another pair of those loyal New Balance shoes, they were being recalled after a remodel. I needed new shoes, so I let the Running Wild salesman talk me into purchasing a pair of Brooks Ghost 7s. While I paid almost twice as much for these shoes, they lasted 550 miles!

Since my shins started hurting recently, I knew I needed a new pair again. The way I see it, running 550 miles on one pair or shoes without an injury is a reason to purchase them again. I went with the Ghost 8s this time. My only complaint is that Brooks needs to step up their designs. Why can’t I find style and comfort?


4 thoughts on “Running with Brooks

  1. I just bought my first pair of Brooks to begin walking and potentially running in later on. I purchased the Brooks Transcend, which I guess is a heavy duty shoe that provides cushion and structure. Runner’s World said it was a great shoe for the “bigger athlete.” What is it about the styles you don’t like?

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