Pearl Harbor

IMG_9385The Pearl Harbor Memorial is well done. It includes the story of Pearl Harbor through self-guided tours, a theatre to watch a memorial film, and the actual memorial on top of the Arizona. A boat takes visitors out to the Arizona Memorial where they can read the names of everyone killed on that ship. Since the water is so clear, it’s easy to see the ship still buried underneath as a tomb to those 1,177
IMG_1333crew members.

It’s probably because I didn’t pay close enough attention in history class, but I didn’t know why the memorial was so specific to the Arizona until I got there. This is the ship that had every single crew member on board that morning, because they had a concert on deck the night before. While other ships also sunk, this one had the most IMG_1331casualties.

Learning more about something so terrible in a place so beautiful was difficult, but they did a good job making it an informative and respectful tour.


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