Vacation On My Mind

IMG_1093I had flashbacks to my Arizona trips yesterday since it was 90 degrees and not humid. AZ heat with Iowa green lawns was the best of both worlds.

We scored an outside table in the shade and were able to really enjoy the feel of summer If we eat outdoors, I always feel like I am on vacation.

We ordered our typical nacho dinner and took advantage of happy hour beverages. Our upcoming vacation and everything we want to see while we’re there was the topic of discussion. As much as I look forward to the IMG_1100ocean and the gorgeous colors on the island, I just can’t wait to feel like I’m living in paradise. I honestly envision Hawaii being the most beautiful place in the world. Maybe my expectations are too high, but I am counting down the days.

Sunrises and sunsets by the water, fresh fruit and seafood for every meal, and this handsome surfer by my side. It’s starting to feel like summer break.


One thought on “Vacation On My Mind

  1. Every single person who has ever been to Hawaii has said it’s the most beautiful place ever. Looks like I’ll be saving up my popcans! HA! There were many things in FL that reminded me of AZ. However, FL doesn’t have Marge.

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