Lately I’ve Been

Lately I’ve been…

Feeling like time needs to slow down. I knew this month would go by quickly, but I can’t seem to catch up on anything. My saving grace is that summer is four work days away.

Making progress on the school yearbook. Since many of the events can’t be covered until May, half of the book is completed in the last month. We should finish this project mid June.

Wanting time outside. I want to plant flowers, read books on the porch, and enjoy dinner dates on the deck. Limited time and cold weather has put these desires on hold.

Eating lots of fish. Tilapia and salmon have been staples the last few weeks. I haven’t gone running since the half marathon, so eating healthy helps me feel less guilty. Add some pineapple or tomatoes to these seafood dishes and at least it tastes like summer.

Loving my husband. This is all the time, but he’s extra understanding in August and May when I start and end the school year. Thanks for not making me feel guilty when all of my energy goes to my profession.

Reading: More Than This by Patrick Ness. It has taken me most of the month since it’s almost 500 pages, but it is really good! Patrick Ness also wrote A Monster Calls, which I enjoyed for its story and illustrations. 

Bookmarking Summer clothing on some of my favorite shopping sites. I’m after a fun, packable dress to wear in Hawaii as well as an oversized floppy hat for the beach.

Needing a day at home. I have some home improvement jobs I want to complete, but I need a chunk of time. Summer will be productive.

Wearing sandals. Even though it’s borderline cold out, I love sandal season! Continue the theme of needing more time here, because I just need to find time for a pedicure.

What are you feeling, making, wanting, eating, loving, reading, bookmarking, needing, or wearing?

Thanks for this blog topic, Peanut Butter Fingers. I don’t like peanut butter, but I love her blog!


3 thoughts on “Lately I’ve Been

  1. What a fun blog topic!

    Feeling at peace. I’m holding my sweet babe on our deck, wrapped in a blanket, listening to the birds chirp. Talk about bliss.

    Making time for date nights. Life is hectic but we’re making it a point to make time for us.

    Wanting a tropical vacation. Hearing everyone’s summer vacation plans makes me yearn for a tropical get away! I’ll live vicariously through their photos!

    Eating watermelon! Turns out I love it just as much not pregnant as I did pregnant! 🍉

    Loving being a mom. Truly the best job and title I’ve ever had.

    Reading: A Dog’s Purpose as well as Babyoroofing your Marriage

    Bookmarking decoration ideas for the house. Trying to channel my inner interior decorator!

    Needing motivation to work out. The idea of shorts should be motivation in itself! 😁

    Wearing dresses. Love ’em!

    • I’m glad you’re feeling at peace with your beautiful life! I bet it’s extra peaceful out in the country. I want to hear about the books you’re reading! Can we plan a summer coffee date? I’ll come to you!

  2. ^^^ so sweet!! 🙂

    i love this blog idea. i will have to use it sometime! prayers for you as the school year winds down! hope you find lots of time to relax (and play!) this summer!!

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