free-background-clipart-ncBXMx4cAOur summer splurge is booked!

We’re headed to Hawaii!

After researching a few of our top travel options, we just kept coming back to the idea of Hawaii and all it has to offer. We’re excited for a tropical feel while still indulging in the restaurants and shopping of the city. I’m also excited to hike Diamond Head, the extinct volcano.

My other requirement for the trip include visiting Pearl Harbor and visiting the Dole Pineapple Plantation. I can’t wait to eat fresh pineapple grown right on the island.

We’ll be there for over a week. Send more sightseeing suggestions my way, please!


2 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. fun fun!! we did a helicopter ride, a fun way to view the islands. we wanted a volcano one, but it was raining on our day and they had to cancel, so we went to the other side of the island to do one- no volcano, lots of green! we were on the big island. we also went to a black sand beach. it gets all over you, but really cool to see in person! have fun!! aloha!!

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