IMG_0852The word Kairos is heard so often in my classroom and around school that I never think to explain it to those who may not know.

Kairos is an optional four-day religious retreat for juniors. Senior leaders and a few adult team members lead through small group discussions, witness talks, and lots of faith building exercises. That description is as much as I’m willing to provide in order to not ruin the experience for someone, but it’s so much more than I mentioned. It’s not a surprise to see this retreat change people’s lives. Teens can go from not believing in God to knowing and feeling his presence in four short days. It’s powerful beyond words.

3116205I used quiet time in the mornings to read a book Sara loaned me called The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. This book offered a new perspective on a familiar parable. Usually when I hear discussions on this parable, they focus on the younger brother and the father’s unconditional love and forgiveness for the him. This book focuses on the role the older brother played in the parable. I found myself applying it a little too close to home with an older brother and a younger brother. It’s kept me thinking long after finishing it.


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