I want to know more

US-passport-swimparallel-BYWow! Thanks for your votes on the travel destination poll. Every time I checked it I wanted to know two things. 1.) Why did you pick that destination? 2.) Who voted for what locations? I find it interesting who wants to see what parts of the world, so tell me more about your vote!

After meeting with the travel agent, we’re still narrowing down a few options. We’re late in the game planning, but we’re determined to get away at some point this summer to celebrate my 30th birthday and our 5-year wedding anniversary. We hope to have something booked by the first week of May, which is rapidly approaching.

Are you traveling anywhere this summer? What will you do there?


3 thoughts on “I want to know more

  1. Jason and I will be traveling to Florida in June for a few days due to a work conference. We’re not sure if we’ll be headed to St. Louis for a baseball game. We’re hoping to squeeze that in too. You must celebrate in style for the BIG 3-0! It’s not as scary as I thought it would be.

  2. We are headed to St. Louis, Nashville, Savanah, Charleston, and Louisville this summer. Maybe a quick trip to K.C. as well. If you end up in Europe this summer let us know, we have a few little coffee shops you have to hit up!

  3. I voted Germany. I think it is an underrated travel destination. Pictures I see of it are stunning! Plus, beer.
    That being said- I’ve spent very brief time in France and Spain and I would go back. I did a J-term in Italy and it was amazing! I loved it. If Italy is ever on your list, PLEASE go to Assisi. My favorite city in the world. Peaceful, romantic. It’s a pilgrimage town and totally beautiful.

    We’re doing a trip back to Iowa and a trip to Gainesville for Tony’s MBA! We’ll also make a few weekends to OKC because Tony’s parents got a pool. I would love to visit KC. My brother, Max, is getting married this NYE and I am sure we’ll have a few random trips to prepare!

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