IF Gathering

IMG_0545“IF God is real…then we want more than anything to live like it.”

My friend Sara invited me to attend a two-day Christian women’s retreat over the weekend. It was held at her church in Iowa City and more than 200 women attended at that site! The IF Gathering actually took place in Austin, TX, but it was live streamed to over 1,500 locations all over the world.

Testimonies, worship, reflection, and group discussions were all a part of the weekend. Here are a few of my favorite quote takeaways from the weekend that related to the women’s witness IMG_0557talks.

“Faith does not demand God always explain himself.”

“You want God to be good in the day. You find out He is in the night.”

“The call of God is inconvenient.”

“When we feed our faith, we starve our doubts.”

I was surprised at the amount of young women in attendance at our site as well as the women who were leading it. Sometimes I find it hard to see such strong faiths in young people, but this weekend introduced me to plenty who have hearts on fire for God.

A few women you should be following on twitter include:

  • Christine Caine: @ChristineCaine
  • Jen Hatmaker: @JenHatmaker
  • Jennie Allen: @JennieAllen
  • Bianca Olthoff: @biancaolthoff

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