Catholic Schools Week

Last semester included a specific day busier than most. My email inbox was overflowing, students were forming a line at my desk, and the clock was ticking with a yearbook deadline. I didn’t know how to get everything done in the few short hours of a work day. You’ve all been there.

My students entered my classroom and I was eager to get started. As always, I asked who would like to lead prayer. A senior girl offered to lead and requested each person go around the room and offer a prayer of thanks. At the time, I was thinking, of all days for prayer to occupy more time, you’re choosing today. Smile. Deep breath. It’s fine.

As each student made their way around the room stating not just one thing they were thankful for but lists of blessings, a feeling to gratitude took over. How silly I was for rushing into the class period with only a to-do list in mind. This senior girl made me stop and remember the reason for my vocation. I was the last one to offer up my prayer for thanks that morning, and I was close to tears. I told my class how I was thankful for that exact moment and for an opportunity for a student to remind me to sit back and remember what is truly important. If she had not chosen a prayer of thanks that day, I would have rushed on to the next thing instead of stopping to appreciate what was right in front of me.

schools_week_featureThe power of Catholic schools is oftentimes seen in test scores, state championships, and college acceptance rates. I have a front row seat to the foundation of Catholic education- our students’ deep, unfailing faith.


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