NYE Date

IMG_0434Thanks to everyone who voted in my blog goals poll. Since sharing social outings was one of the requested topics, I decided to share more details about John and my NYE date night. The day started out at the orthopedic surgeon’s office declaring John’s finger broken (basketball injury). Thankfully, surgery was not necessary, but he was given some pretty high pain medication and instructions to take it easy.

IMG_0439-1Surprisingly, he was still up for our NYE plans. We started the evening with a wine tasting at the Anamosa Winery, Daly Creek. Upon arrival, we were ushered into a wine tasting room for samples and explanations of every wine. My favorite was Octoberfest.

We shared a bottle of Octoberfest during dinner, and this is definitely my recommended wine choice for you. Their dinner menu includes anything from steak to pizzas. I opted for the coconut tilapia.

They are open limited days of the week, but the food and wine are well worth the trip.


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