Last Year’s Resolutions

th-2I’m happy to report I don’t have to wait until the last minutes of 2014 to write this post. My resolutions/plans were all successful.

  • Run a marathon. St. Louis Marathon in April.
  • Introduce John to Arizona. Spring Break: March
  • Graduate with my master’s degree in education with a reading emphasis. May was a good month!
  • Explore Boston. Experiencing the 4th of July firework show from the air on our flight in offered the best seat in the city
  • Read 40 books, including at least one professional and one spiritual. I might reach 50 before the end of the year…I’m at 48 right now. My favorite spiritual read was The Best Yes. The favorite professional read was Reading in the Wild.
  • Attend weekly Bible Study. I’ve learned so much about the foundation of my faith. I wish everyone had this opportunity.

Looking back, it was a big year. I’m off to ponder if it’s possible to top this list. Stay tuned.


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