Merry Mail

IMG_0385-4I love getting mail this time of year and seeing my favorite people smiling back at me. People, myself included, spend a good chunk of time, energy, and money getting Christmas cards into the hands of those we love. After the excitement of seeing a friend or family’s card and admiring how much their family or kids have grown/changed in the last year, gushing over travel locations, or rejoicing in exciting news, are we really supposed to put these cards back in the envelope? I want these people to celebrate with me all season! I hang up our cards in our kitchen where I can see them daily. I hung a ribbon down the cabinet and tape the cards to the ribbon so they don’t ruin my cabinets. If you don’t see your face up there, please know I am at my mailbox anxiously awaiting the arrival of your smiling face.

Do you display your holiday cards? How?


2 thoughts on “Merry Mail

  1. My photo holder has little clips for the cards and section cups on both sides, so I can remove it easily. It’s in the kitchen area. Cute idea with the ribbons! I love, love real mail during this time period. I’m with ya!

  2. love love! i just tape ours to the fridge… i am a little nervous about cleaning that up! it’s been fun seeing zach recognize friends and family!

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