The Polar Express

IMG_0342During class I mentioned reading The Polar Express, and a handful of students questioned my statement because they thought The Polar Express was a movie. After I got over my shock, I explained it was a children’s book long before it hit the big screen. I didn’t blame them for their lack of knowledge but rather their parents and elementary school teachers. Since blame doesn’t do any good, I took it upon myself to correct this disappointment. We spent five minutes the next day reading aloud The Polar Express. Every student sat intently and listened to Chris Van Allsburg’s magical story. As silly as the idea may have seemed, every 16-18 year old student didn’t touch their iPad or any other distraction during IMG_0347the story. What a great reminder that every student, no matter the age, loves a read aloud.

Do you remember your teachers reading aloud to you?

While I’m sharing some Christmas spirit, I’ll pass along the Christmas Pandora station I always listen to this time of year. Glee Christmas. I never watched Glee, but I enjoy this seasonal pop station.

How do you get your Christmas music fix?


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