BoobBub Kids BookBubMost people find themselves picking up more books during the winter months because it’s too cold to enjoy outdoor activities. BookBub came at the perfect time because it offers discounted and free best selling books (for a limited time). I downloaded a few free ebooks and noticed Shatter Me which I just checked out from the library based on a student’s recommendation, is only $1.99.

Why give away books for free? Authors, many self published, find it a great way for people to read their work. Even The Da Vinci Code was given away for free last year hoping readers would then purchase Dan Brown’s Inferno.

Books are available on various styles of readers and tablets. I usually purchase Kindle books to read on my iPad’s free Kindle app. Not all books are available in every format.

This site sorts book deals by genre and sends a daily e-mail with recommendations based on each reader’s preferences. They even have kid’s books! Happy reading, friends!


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