Week of Thanks

IMG_0331I enjoyed an entire week off for Thanksgiving. After the weekend in Galena, the rest of the week was the perfect blend of productive and relaxing.

Monday and Tuesday included a lot of grading, letter of recommendation writing, and lesson planning for the rest of the semester. Time during the day to do these things was such a gift.

Knocking out my to-do list early allowed for an awesome week of date nights. If anyone loves me being on break, it’s John. I’m way more fun! Dates to the movies (Mockingjay), out for sushi, Redbox rentals, Christmas shopping, Nexflix marathons, and more. Break was extra beautiful this year without a
IMG_0324-0thesis weighing me down. I didn’t realize how stressed I was other years until I wasn’t stressed this year.

In addition to time with family and friends, one of the biggest highlights of my week was getting to spend some extra time with the cutest two-month-old around. Just look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! The calendar tells me tomorrow is December. Where has the semester gone?


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