Student Blogs

The best assignment is when it doesn’t feel like one.

Student-Voice-Education-through-LeadershipStudent blogs are the best project I’ve ever assigned. I’m not only reading their posts and assessing their writing, I’m learning so much about each of them. Not putting limitations on the blogs was the best “live in beta” decision I could have made.

When I made the assignment and the rubric (because students are receiving a grade), I required three posts before Christmas break. I didn’t require a certain number of photos, polls, different topics…etc. I just opened it up for students to make the blogs their own. They’ve exceeded my expectations, and I’m encouraged to make more projects with fewer guidelines. (Crazy thought, huh?) Fewer guidelines allows students to feel ownership in their projects because it is uniquely theirs.

This assignment is the perfect example of giving students the tools to create, learn, and communicate on their own without holding their hand through the process. I made it clear that I didn’t have all of the answers and we would be learning some of the program together along the way. They respected this honesty without question.

I knew this assignment was executed correctly when a student who is not in my class came in and asked if I could help her make a blog because she heard about it from my students. Absolutely!

Feel free to check out their work!


4 thoughts on “Student Blogs

  1. What a neat idea! I read through a couple students blogs and they are fantastically unique :). Way to go Ms. Wagner. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. I just glanced at a couple of them and they were all amazing, what a fun assignment. They are so lucky to have you as their teacher and they seem like such neat kids. Nice work!

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