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My last post included a poll to identify how many people listen to podcasts. Over half of you don’t utilize this resource. My goal is convince you to tune in. Keep reading!

Podcasts are digital audio files. Basically, they are radio shows or digital books that can be downloaded and listened to even when you’re not connected to the internet. I’ve listened to podcasts while I’m working out, driving, or even while shoveling snow this past Sunday morning.

Creating a podcast was one of my professional goals going into this school year. I consider it partially achieved. I had one of my students create a pocasts at the beginning of the year with our local news station. They talked sports, specifically the upcoming football season. It was entertaining to listen to this talk show style program, but students haven’t showed a lot of interest in creating additional ones.

IMG_0283Through the educational Voxer group, I was introduced to Serial Podcasts. (Thanks, Aaron!) These free podcasts have been downloaded over a million times per episode. The series is designed to be listened to in order, and fans are eagerly awaiting the final episodes. These nonfiction podcasts discuss the ins and outs of reopening a 1999 murder case in Baltimore. (More of a summary can be found here.)

If you like mysteries, murder mysteries, books on tape or just listening to something other than the radio while you pass the time, download these podcasts.

You can listen straight from your computer or you can use your free Podcast app (if your phone doesn’t already have it, download it from the app store) and search for Serial. It’s the most popular podcast right now, so you won’t have a hard time finding it.

If murder mysteries aren’t your thing, there are podcasts available for every genre: Sports, News, Business, Politics, Religion, Entertainment…etc. Think Satellite radio without the additional price.

Download just one Serial podcast, listen, and let me know what you think!


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