Reading in the Wild

IMG_0225A weekend road trip to Minneapolis allowed for plenty of time in the car for me catch up on some reading. Most of you are probably familiar with The Book Whisperer” by Donalyn Miller. Reading in the Wild is her most recent book. If you’re passionate about reading, if you have kids who you want to raise to be intelligent, informed individuals, or if you care about the future of education, read this book. It’s fantastic!

A few notes worth documenting from the book:

  • “Adults who consider themselves readers vote in elections, volunteer for charities, and support the arts in greater numbers than their peers to read less.” This continues to highlight the importance of lifelong readers long after they leave our classroom.
  • Holding students accountable for reading with worksheets, crosswords, and reading logs will only make students avoid reading. (This reminded me of Readicide: How Schools are Killing Reading by Kelly Gallagher. Also a must read!)
  • Check out The Nerdy Book Club for reading suggestions and discussions. Miller also promotes for students and teachers.
  • Use twitter to connect with authors. She specifically highlights @mrschureads and @professornana (Has anyone found Gillian Flynn?)
  • Use Classroom Booksource to organize your classroom library. This electronic system allows teachers to keep track of student checkouts and returns while keeping inventory.
  • The back of the book includes a survey for both the beginning and the end of the year. I’m planning to use these in my classroom to document reading interests and motivation.

IMG_0217Don’t worry, I didn’t keep my nose in a book the entire time. We enjoyed taking in the city life and had tickets to the Chicago Bulls/Timberwolves game at the Target Center Saturday night. What a game! John was bummed Derrick Rose didn’t play, so he’s up for going back.

I must add that John planned this trip 100% by himself. All I had to do was pack my bag and get in the car. Normally, my control-obsessed self needs to be in charge of the details. This time, I let go. That’s a true weekend away!


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