“Live in Beta”

I’ve been blogging for a few years, and last month I hit a new low for published posts (nine!). After so much technology talk, I hope you noticed I was missing.

I’ve been busy fulfilling my academic goal: “Live in Beta”. This was Adam Bellow’s advice at ITEC, and I’ve spent loads of time making it a reality in my classroom. I’m diving into projects that I am not 100% comfortable with teaching. I’m trying things out without any evidence it will teach the lesson best. Basically, I’m not waiting around for a project to be perfected before I jump in with my students. This does not mean I don’t spend time planning. It’s a lot of time experimenting again and again. For example, my students made their own blogs this week. As ordinary as this sounds, the energy was high. Some students were excited and have decided to take on a November blogging challenge of a post per day. Others were so frustrated that while my assignment details and rubric specified learning objectives, I didn’t give them the format to get there. I celebrated their failures because technology frustrations and not always having the answers are teachable moments.

There were also things on the new blog format that students taught me. It was awesome to sit beside them while they explained something I hadn’t tried yet. Learning with them was seriously the best part of my day, and it made the lesson go by in the blink of an eye. As the period neared the end, a student turned to me and said, “Please don’t tell me to stop. I just want to keep working on this!” They’ve been tweeting about this assignment and asking other students to subscribe to their posts. It’s been electric. Not only are they fulfilling the Common Core by writing for an audience other than their teacher, they’re using a 21st Century platform, and practicing cyber safety.

I’ll be sure to share the link to their blogs when I have them all linked.


7 thoughts on ““Live in Beta”

  1. Is this with sophomores? If so, many of them were pumped to talk about what they were writing about! You’re making a difference. I also am in the middle of a project that includes reading technology. It’s my first time with the project. So far, so good! It’s always okay to explore!

    • Yes, mostly sophomores and a few juniors. I’ll definitely share the links with you. Thanks for your support. I love working with you! Remind me to tell you about a twitter project you indirectly helped another teacher develop.

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