One of the “out of my comfort zone” ITEC ideas I jumped into was using Voxer to keep the positive momentum going. Voxer is a free app (for the lite version) and allows texting, audio, and photo sharing between people or groups of people without using your phone number. Originally, I saw a vision of using this communication tool for my newspaper editors. However, since last week, it’s a been a communication tool among roughly 15 area educators in this “ITEC14” group. The person who started the group gives a weekly challenge, and each member is expected to participate. This week’s challenge includes finding a song lyric that we’ll live by in our classrooms this week. I already submitting my choice, “Living on a prayer”, for personal and professional reasons.

In addition, we’ve shared some interesting education ideas: “What if teachers got to pick their ‘team’ of other teachers to work with? What would happen to teachers who weren’t picked?” So far the group has given me great contacts and lots of powerful reflection.

Are you familiar with Voxer? If so, add me!

What song would you pick to be the soundtrack to your week?


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