America Reads

Every English teacher loves America Reads Day! Students get excited about reading in a new location or bringing in a snack to munch on while they devour their pages at the same time. I’ve posted a lot about my passion for reading, after all, my master’s degree has a reading emphasis. When I was gathering my stuff for school this morning, I forgot my free reading book. I went back for it. I was not going to monitor or test students for reading today. I was going to sit back and enjoy it with them.

That’s just what we did. I marched my freshmen reading class down to the library to take in the sunny fall day on our campus. The library’s football field view is pretty tough to beat (don’d mind my reflection)! We read silently, read out loud, and even just laughed about the characters in our books. It was only 43 minutes, but every student smiled at some point during class, all with a book in their hand. That’s worth celebrating!


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