Screen_shot_2012-05-13_at_10.16.56_PM_400x400My friend Tracie introduced me to theSkimm earlier this year. After starting each day with this daily e-newsletter, I had to introduce my students. Students have made comments the last few weeks about news in theSkimm, and being familiar with what’s on TV because they’ve been “skimmed”. Success!

Finally, I must introduce you. Sign up for this free newsletter. It arrives to your inbox each weekday morning. The e-mails state the most relevant news in brief summaries and explain why it’s important. Written with wit, the authors give the news personality.

theSkimm was started by two women who wanted to make it easier for people, specifically working women, to know the news without it taking too much time. Sign up for theSkimm and know the news every day by the time you just begin to sip your morning coffee.


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