Gone Girl

Gone GirlI’ve been excited about this movie ever since Gillian Flynn announced it two summers ago at our public library’s “Read Aloud Author Series”. Remember my post detailing this event? The movie will finally be released this weekend, and it stars Ben Affleck. For my parents, family members, and close friends reading this post, I don’t need to elaborate. For anyone else, let me explain my Ben Affleck infatuation. His face hung in my middle school locker, and an Armagadon poster hung above my bed throughout high school. I’ll always admit my love for tall, dark, and handsome. Think Mr. Wagner.

As for this movie, I’m excited to see the novel come to life. I planned to read it again before going to the movie, but The Maze Runner sucked me in. Have you read this young adult science-fiction trilogy? If you liked The Hunger Games, add this one to your list. My students are going wild for this book right now.

If you’re looking for a book to devour this week, go with Gone Girl. I’ll see you at the movie this weekend!


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